So it is what it is..

Thats right, i have decided for the time being i am not doing photography for awhile (well maybe the odd session if i can help myself) and how long is awhile, not sure i guess.

I have had alot of requests over the summer and especially lately this last month that i have turned down or referred to other people and its been really hard to say no, really hard. But i just feel at this time in my life with 2 small kids and a husband in school that i need to for awhile step back.

Its been so fun, and so rewarding to take pictures for all my friends and family and to meet so many new people along the way. I thank everyone for putting their trust in me to capture their special moments. I am so thankful for all the encouragement and support, especially to a wonderful husband that has helped so much and been my backbone to keep going... especially when i am so busy and editing pictures feel like never ending. Thankyou!

This is our last year in Saskatoon so for many people i won't ever do their pictures again and that makes me sad to leave, but excited as well to go somewhere new and meet others.

I look forward to doing photography again, sometime hopefully sooner than later, but in the mean time, Thanks for looking..

rachelle (:


Finally.. my sweet Nixon

Well i finally have some pics up of Nixon, he is now 1.5mths i cant believe it. These Newborn pics were taken when he was just a week old. Its been a long month adjusting to having a baby in the house and then with Nixon being hospitalized for RSV and Pneomnia i havent had the time to get them up any sooner.. but i am so so happy with how they turned out... this is what happens when you photograph babies when there only a week old..enjoy!



Again another 3 week old newborn, and yes i had too work hard for these too, but once we got him asleep it was all good and he was such a champ.  I just couldnt decide on which ones to post.. he is just too cute!! 



Well at 3 wks old its always harder to get great pictures of newborns and Greta sure made me work for the ones we got.. isnt she a doll though, just look at all that hair and her beautiful eyes.. that first picture just kills me how cute she looks, she almost has a little smirk going on.. love newborns they really are soo beautiful..

I loved this one and just couldnt decide on the color wash so i added both..


Elias.. my little heartbreaker..

We'll i'm back, sort of .. 
Christmas was a nice, nice break. and a much needed one for that matter. 
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year as well. 

I just had to post this picture... Man what a little heartbreaker eh?? There are more to come, but this is the one i love the best..  maybe its because he isnt smiling so much like usual, maybe its because he looks like such a big boy, or maybe its just because he looks like such a little stud.. i dont know but i LOVE it and mostly i'm just glad to Finally have a few good pictures of Elias.. it is so hard for him to sit still and take a picture.


Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to thank everyone for the great year, for all the new clients and friends I made and especially for all the support and love from family and friends. 

I am off for christmas holidays and so i am sorry for those few families that I didnt get to before christmas.. hopefully I can have a nice break and not be too busy taking pictures in Alberta.

I really enjoyed 2008 and look forward to the new year, I keep as busy as I want and thats enough for me. 

Also for the new year, I am also expecting a new baby at the end of Feb.. so I dont know how much i will be doing photography then, so if you are interested please try and book well in advance.. thanks!

Thank you for trusting me with your memories and have a Merry Christmas!!! 

just a pic of my Elias from this time last year.. goes to show you ALOT can happen in a year..  
Merry Christmas Everyone!!