Well at 3 wks old its always harder to get great pictures of newborns and Greta sure made me work for the ones we got.. isnt she a doll though, just look at all that hair and her beautiful eyes.. that first picture just kills me how cute she looks, she almost has a little smirk going on.. love newborns they really are soo beautiful..

I loved this one and just couldnt decide on the color wash so i added both..


Elias.. my little heartbreaker..

We'll i'm back, sort of .. 
Christmas was a nice, nice break. and a much needed one for that matter. 
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year as well. 

I just had to post this picture... Man what a little heartbreaker eh?? There are more to come, but this is the one i love the best..  maybe its because he isnt smiling so much like usual, maybe its because he looks like such a big boy, or maybe its just because he looks like such a little stud.. i dont know but i LOVE it and mostly i'm just glad to Finally have a few good pictures of Elias.. it is so hard for him to sit still and take a picture.