The Jahns

Man did this little guy make me work, i thought he would never fall asleep.. but finally he did and we barely moved him for fear.. we did get some great shots though so enjoy! i think the family picture turned out soo great, and greta was such a good big sister!

I still think my fave picture is of ozzie from the previous post, but these were a few more i wanted to share!


Russell and Esther said...

These are beutiful! This is a gorgeous family. Great job... so do you have a studio?

Dick said...

hey this is Krystyn...these look Great Rachelle...I didn't even know they were up! thanks so much again! I love the one of Ozzie awake with his touque on and the one of Dick and Ozzies hands...and Greta...and them all actually!

Laura said...

So good Rachelle. Each picture is so captivating. I love it!