So it is what it is..

Thats right, i have decided for the time being i am not doing photography for awhile (well maybe the odd session if i can help myself) and how long is awhile, not sure i guess.

I have had alot of requests over the summer and especially lately this last month that i have turned down or referred to other people and its been really hard to say no, really hard. But i just feel at this time in my life with 2 small kids and a husband in school that i need to for awhile step back.

Its been so fun, and so rewarding to take pictures for all my friends and family and to meet so many new people along the way. I thank everyone for putting their trust in me to capture their special moments. I am so thankful for all the encouragement and support, especially to a wonderful husband that has helped so much and been my backbone to keep going... especially when i am so busy and editing pictures feel like never ending. Thankyou!

This is our last year in Saskatoon so for many people i won't ever do their pictures again and that makes me sad to leave, but excited as well to go somewhere new and meet others.

I look forward to doing photography again, sometime hopefully sooner than later, but in the mean time, Thanks for looking..

rachelle (:

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